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What is Epiworld?

Epiworld is an EPITA club promoting integration between international and French students by doing events and activities together. Our goal is to share our different cultures, lifestyles and just have fun together. This association promotes curiosity and sharing, and plans several cultural exchange meetings or international related events every semester.

Why Epiworld?

Unlike every other associations at EPITA, Epiworld is based on human relationship and cultural experiences. It is very important for a school like EPITA to build international connection, not only with abroad universities, but also with the people that come from them.

Members of Epiworld are people who don't hesitate to discover new cultures as well as sharing their own way of life. They usually develop a good sense of communication and often improve themselves in foreign languages.

The Buddy program

In order to help EPITA's international students make new friends and integrate more smoothly and easily in the school and in Paris, Epiworld offers a Buddy program to help international students make a first contact with French culture.

The EPITA student's role is to accompany the international student in his new life in France and help him integrate.

Buddies do many activities for the international students, such as sharing activities they regularly do with their friends, helping with French services appliances (room papers, phone subscriptions, etc.) and of course visiting Paris and its monuments!

In exchange, the EPITA student will get a real intercultural experience, being in contact with a student from another culture and language. The buddy program is therefore a two-way interesting and fulfilling experience, and may be the beginning of a real international friendship!

Moreover, participating in EPITA buddy program makes you an ambassador of your school and will help EPITA to be better known abroad for its educational excellence and its interesting and innovative students.

Among every other aspects of this program, there is a real opportunity to make contact with people from the same area of expertise: computer science and engineering. It becomes therefore possible to build a real professional connection which could be really rewarding in your future.


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